Not being insensitive to social problems, contributing to the development of human resources of our country and fulfilling our duties against the institutions, organizations and non-governmental organizations that work in this direction constitute the basis of our social responsibility approach


ÇİNKOM has not only invested in industrial area but also showed the same sensitivity in social projects and donated to related institutions through the construction of "Çinkom Örenşehir Primary School" and "Erciyes University incesu Ayşe-Saffet Arslan Vocational High School" as well as numerous donation activities.


Within the scope of the Target 2020 Olympics Project Center , takes full responsibility of the Project “Hands from the street to the medal with silky touch”.


To this day, we recognize that our resources are not infinite, and we need to follow the environmental impact of our products and activities.


In order to keep its interaction with the environment under control, ÇİNKOM adopts ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, a management model based on risk analysis.


National and international legal obligations are followed in our facilities within the framework of activities for the protection of Environment and human health. 



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