ÇİNKOM was founded in 1968 and started production in 1976 under the name of ÇINKUR in order to meet the country's zinc and lead needs by evaluating oxidized zinc lead ores in the ZAMANTI zone and thus contribute to the country's economy.


In 1996, the Company was sold to  “KAYSERİ MINE METAL INC.”  %80 of the affiliated with Iranian Ministry of Mines. The company was operating until 1999 and the factory was purchased by the latest İPEK GROUP in late 2004.


It continued his activities at the end of the 2015 as ÇİNKOM INC. At the end of the 2015 was transferred to İPEK FURNITURE and has become İPEK FURNITURE ÇİNKOM BRANCH.


Later, has been done a good maintenance work to the factory. Processing of flue gas filter dust from Arc Furnace iron and steel plants was evaluated with Russian and French professors. Thus, in order to use the chimney dust in hazardous waste as an alternative raw material, the company obtained a license from the Ministry of Environment and started to use the chimney dust as an alternative raw material.


ÇİNKOM  is a recycling company that produces enriched zinc concentrate by processing the chimney powder and exports all of it providing from Istanbul Gebze, Izmir Aliağa, Iskenderun, Osmaniye, Hatay, Çanakkale, Bursa, Tekirdağ iron and steel factories from 14.07.2005 until this time


The enriched zinc clinker is an export product  and  it provides an important foreign currency entry to our country. Zinc clinker is not the final product, it is an intermediate product. It is used as metal after processing.


Kayseri Adana State Highway 20. Mile. our facility is the first established facility in Turkey.



·       Establishing the most modern and capable zinc metal production facility in Turkey and provide a positive contribution on the current account deficit in this area,

·       Being one of the largest global companies in the world that determines the international standards in the field of zinc metal production and mining, preferred in the global arena with its environment-sensitive, high quality products and services


·       Ensuring customer satisfaction

·       Being a national company

·       Being a leader in the field

·       Creating jobs by making new investments

·       Providing environment-sensitive products and services

·       To produce quality products and services

·       Dissemination of quality culture

·       Improve employees ' knowledge and skills

·       To develop personal and social behavioral competencies of employees


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