The principle of equal opportunity is adopted for people who value the employees, who are open to change, who are leading in their region, who use their resources efficiently as a global company, who are sensitive to the environment, occupational health and safety, who are in compliance with quality standards, who continuously develop technology, who take the ideas of their employees.


The criteria for recruitment of personnel are determined in writing and these criteria are complied with. Recruitment procedures are defined by procedures


employees are treated fairly , training and development programs are carried out in order to increase the knowledge, skills and competencies of the employees and training policies are established.


employees can freely share their requests, complaints and suggestions in writing.


Company employees are informed about their job descriptions ,task distribution , performance criteria and rewarding criteria.


efficiency is taken into account in wages and responsibilities given to employees


For employees, safe working environment and conditions are provided in accordance with the regulations on Occupational Health and safety

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